I assist you in connecting with your authentic power so you can freely express your highest self in the world. If you are ready to make the transformative self-discoveries that are required in order to shed old ideas and stories that do not serve you and to embody the version of yourself that resonates in your desired reality, contact me to set up a free consultation!

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I am a life coach. In order to intentionally create a life filled with joy and purpose, I first had to overcome the patterns and emotional addictions that were holding me back. This is my story.


As a deep thinker, seeker and creative, I have been on a journey of self discovery for as long as I can remember. Growing up in small town Canada, I was a girl with big dreams, varied interests and a hunger for opportunity and growth. Once finished with high school, I moved to Vancouver to attend University where my path of self discovery deepened. At 21, I decided I was going to commit to a career as an actress and I began to study the craft of acting, along with human behavior, psychology, personal development and spirituality. Around the same time I got married, and while 7 months pregnant, moved to Los Angeles where I only knew one person other than my husband. It was a lonely time for me and a big adjustment but it led me to delve deeper into learning about myself. 


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I believe in the marriage between the spiritual and the practical. That dwelling in possibility, creating a vision for your life, setting tangible goals and taking actionable steps all have value. As a coach, I help you to take ownership of your life, define what exactly you want to reveal and shift in your life and guide you through a process of self discovery. I work with clients in a very direct fashion that is infused with incredible love and support. Though you will be pushed, you will feel held throughout the process.

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if one or more of the following applies to you…….

  • You know you are powerful and can even see your potential at times but aren’t quite sure how to unlock it.

  • You get frustrated because you know how much you have to offer the world yet you feel stuck or blocked.

  • You have done a lot of “work” in the healing and growth world yet feel like there is a piece missing. 

  • You are at a crossroads or lacking clarity in one or more area(s) of your life.

  • You are open to committing to a period of transformation in order to embody a new reality!


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