I am a life coach. In order to intentionally create a life filled with joy and purpose, I first had to overcome the patterns and emotional addictions that were holding me back. This is my story.

Deanna Smith.HEIC

As a deep thinker, seeker and creative, I have been on a journey of self discovery for as long as I can remember. Growing up in small town Canada, I was a girl with big dreams, varied interests and a hunger for opportunity and growth. Once finished with high school, I moved to Vancouver to attend University where my path of self discovery deepened. At 21, I decided I was going to commit to a career as an actress and I began to study the craft of acting, along with human behavior, psychology, personal development and spirituality. Around the same time I got married, and while 7 months pregnant, moved to Los Angeles where I only knew one person other than my husband. It was a lonely time for me and a big adjustment but it led me to delve deeper into learning about myself. My growth continued as I worked as an actress, navigated the entertainment industry, separated and divorced when my son was just a toddler and created a co parenting relationship with my ex husband. After splitting with my husband, I got into an addictive on and off  relationship for the next 7.5 years. To gain financial independence I began a career as a real estate agent, and worked for a real estate technology startup company. These were extraordinarily trying times but ultimately, I was compelled to look even more deeply at myself, what I was creating in my life and why. Throughout these times, I continually used the contrast of what I did not want to define what I did want. I studied story and patterns and learned how to change my story and break patterns. I learned how to let go of resistance and connect with the energy of source in order to facilitate and integrate these changes. Once I was able to train my body to a new way of being and to embody the change I wanted in my life, I was able to break the emotions and patterns that were running my life.

Aside from my life experiences, perhaps the perfect storm for coaching, I have always been the person who would listen to, hold space for, and encourage others. I have an innate gift to see another’s potential and believe in that version of them until they are able to believe it themself and step into it. I have never bought into what we are constantly told is possible for us. I fervently believe that what is in one’s heart is their calling and that if it is in their heart it is entirely possible. While I was transitioning from acting to real estate, I was hired to be a dating coach. I knew at that time what was going to help my client was much deeper than the superficial. Of course we worked on the fun, logistical elements to dating, but we also worked on how this person was seeing themself and what shifts needed to happen to step into the version they wanted to see. In a very short period of time I saw this individual transform and create long term change in their life. From that time on, I knew I would continue to help people transform their lives. I persisted in helping others, serving as a container to help them change their lives. It took a few more years of building stability in my own life before I was ready to fully commit to a career as a coach, but once I was ready I didn’t look back.

Though I continue to learn, today the learning feels much kinder. I feel blessed to carry on growing through my incredibly loving relationships with my fiance, our combined children, and our extended families and friends. It gives me so much joy to be able to serve others in my higher purpose as a life coach and group facilitator. However, I am grateful for the challenging experiences I have had as they have helped me continue to make new discoveries about the human condition. They have been my training ground, have laid such a strong foundation for me, pushed me, and allowed me to see and learn so much more than I otherwise might have. What I now know is that there is not one “right” path for anyone and no one’s path looks the same. Every interest I have had has been a calling. Every experience I have gone through and relationship I have engaged in has led me to where I now stand. As I continue to follow these callings and advance along my path, it continues to illuminate and unfold in ways that I never could have predicted!


Investing in Deanna is BY FAR the best decision I’ve made for myself both personally and professionally in 2020. She’s truly a miracle worker. Deanna’s magic is that she opens portals for you that you didn’t even know you were capable of. I came to Deanna in so much fear, struggle, scarcity, and smallness. In the last 6 months, I’ve moved into my dream home, booked out my 1:1 coaching program with a long waitlist, created a huge passive income stream, healed so much wounding around my mother, and have MAJORLY come out of struggle. My life is full of ease and flow now! Deanna taught me how to enjoy the present moment while connecting with a vision of my future. I’ve been able to step into possibilities for myself that prior to working with her I didn’t know I deserved. I know now : ) She’s a true embodiment of grace, love, compassion, and beauty. I feel her love so deeply and I’ve been able to borrow from her deep well of belief in me until it became my own. She’s my secret weapon, my dear friend, my guide, and my inspiration. I love you Deanna, thank you. 

Stevie Wright - Self Love Coach

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I am a psychologist, and in my own quest for healing I have tried every form of therapy, spirituality, and self-help I could find. Even after undergoing 4-day-a-week psychoanalysis, I still felt trapped in the dramas I inherited from my family.  Deanna is the only person who cut to the core of what was holding me back and lovingly gave me the tools and inspiration to shed my old story. After only six months with her, I feel like I'm finally the person I have always wanted to be. She set me free.

Dr. Sam Rader - Pyschologist


The few successes I had experienced in my life had left a bad taste in my mouth. They were riddled with workaholism, aggression, drama, and lack of self-love. I needed guidance on how to accomplish my dreams in a healthy and functional way. Enter Deanna. Our first few sessions felt like I was radically re-wiring my brain as she helped me embrace the idea that being soft, open and receptive could and would be an equally powerful way to manifest my dreams. Deanna is deeply intuitive but also has a real lightness that sets her apart. She likes to laugh, she is extremely patient, and she withheld judgment while helping me identify some very persistent blockages that were holding me back. Within a year of working with her, I was able to complete a project that was 6 years in the making, get pregnant and deliver my second child, and buy my first home!

Amanda Sharp, Writer/Filmmaker

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Working with Deanna has been far more rewarding, empowering, and enlightening than I ever could have imagined. Her ability to listen, guide, and allow is truly magical. She finds the root of a situation and makes it so that I can see it, address it, and let it go or resolve it. She is a guide to truth, honesty and clarity more than anything. I am so grateful to have her in my corner.


Christopher Rivas, Actor - Shameless, 2 Broke Girls, Grey’s Anatomy

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Working with Deanna is like having a brilliant 1/3 cheerleader 1/3 sounding board and 1/3 no BS holder of accountability.  She is the real deal. With a wealth of knowledge, practical tools, and tremendous empathy Deanna has helped me produce a life on purpose, and more importantly a life I love.  If you're interested in making big shifts in your life, feeling good, and leveling up, book Deanna... while you still can.

Alexa Silvaggio, Wellness Entrepreneur


After many years of feeling stuck and frustrated with my career and relationships, I reached out to Deanna at the recommendation of a friend. Having worked with coaches before I had my reservations. Within 15 minutes of our first meeting I knew she was different. Her approach is direct and deep; she holds you accountable to your highest self with an incredible amount of honesty, integrity and most importantly, love. I felt truly seen, heard and held. By the end of our 3 months my life began to transform: I left my job, traveled abroad and fell in love. None of this would have happened with her guidance, support and love.

Lauren Sussman


Deanna is a true gift. I was struggling with transitioning to a new career, body image, and self-doubt. I knew I needed support and guidance, because I was in a paralyzed state of fear. I was my own worst enemy- doubting every move I made. After my first couple sessions with Deanna, I started feeling ease, hope, and comfort. I started feeling as though I COULD meet my goals, and truly have everything I wanted in life. She asked me deep, meaningful questions which allowed me to reflect upon my situation. She helped me work towards my goals by allowing me to recognize my old patterns, connecting me to my vision, and getting back in alignment when I felt “off”.  In addition to all of this, the homework she gave me was extremely meaningful. I felt as thought I was growing, not only during our sessions together, but outside of our sessions, too. My life feels more joyful and hopeful after working with Deanna. She is a beautiful soul. She is a guiding light, and she will help anyone SHINE!

Jennifer Neal, Wellness Coach

Life coach? Are you kidding me? I would NEVER! Never say never. I was lost. I didn’t know I was lost, but I was! I spent 7 years sitting in my backyard drinking coffee and smoking cigars. Confidence and drive were things of my past, and my marriage was ending. Then I met the lovely and talented Deanna Smith. Something inside of me was drawn to her and to the idea of, "I gotta do something!" She changed my life…and not just to get me back to where I once was, but exceed that by leaps and bounds. Confidence vs doubt, I can vs I can’t. She not only helped me embrace the mountain, but she gave me the tools to climb it again! I’m healthier, happier, and my new business is thriving. I will be forever grateful to my Life Coach Deanna Smith!

Walt Rebar, Business Owner

Deanna really gets in there with you. She listens, understands, and measures first; then comes real insight, tactics, and strategy. Her guidance is razor-sharp, actionable, and effective. Working with Deanna is like discovering your own, personal, real-life cheat code.

Raphie Aronowitz, Head of Marketing at Monster Bass