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Explore and bust a construct of reality that is holding you back, from being, doing, or having what is aligned with your higher self. Then open the door to the new reality that better serves you!

what is it? 

Ignite Your Life is a six week group program to help you connect with a greater possibility for your life and to support you while you step into and take ownership of that possibility. Get clear on a vision that resonates deeply with your truth and align yourself energetically with your desires while letting go of resistance. Then step into the version of yourself where the reality of your truth flows with ease.


This is an opportunity to ignite the spark of transformation within you and step into a more fully expressed, truthful version of yourself alongside a group of like minded individuals who desire to get the most out of life.

what to expect: 

  • Connect with Your Vision and Purpose: Gain crystal-clear clarity on your vision and values. 

  •  Release Resistance: Learn about and let go of the internal resistance that's been holding you back. 

  • Align Energetically: Viscerally connect with the energy of your desires.

  •  Establish Boundaries: Create the framework of your new reality by defining and learning how to internalize the boundaries that are most supportive for you.

  • Own Your Journey: Take ownership of who you are and how you desire to live your life.

  •  Personalized Support: I will be working with individuals during the group calls to provide you with personalized support to help you get the most out of this experience. 

  • Power of the Group: Learn from the process of others, and connect with and be supported by others on this journey!

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